Nearly 200 memory quilts,

memory cushions and fabric paintings were born in Blue Sky Bubble atelier and have travelled to the clients all over the world. Many of these keepsakes celebrate motherhood and the miracle of babies. And then there are those that mourn the loss of a loved one and help heal. Both bring meaning to my clients: these keepsakes mark a significant era in one's life.


I believe trusting me to create a keepsake from your clothes is more than ordering a quilt, a cushion, a fabric decor. It is a way of letting go. Clothes will not be clothes any more but fragments, colours, textures, tiny details that trigger a feeling, an emotion, a memory. Clothes will join your daily life in a different form, but the emotions hidden in them will linger. Take your time: you need to be ready to let go, transform & move on. This is not an instant gratification project nor an impulse buy. I create each memory quilt with my full attention to the person & their story. I focus on the excellence of the craft.