how to order a memory cushion

64 squares / size 16 x 16" / 40 cm x 40 cm / price €100

100 squares / size 19 x 19" / 50 cm x 50 cm / price 160€

This is an adorable keepsake for you and your loved ones to cherish. You can have a bunch of these cushions to decorate the bed. Or just one to cuddle with. They are great to brighten up your living room with. Nursery. Bedroom. Endless possibilities to bring back those special clothes into your life. It is perfect way to transform and preserve the adorable baby clothes as well as adult clothing items. 

Send me a message using the contact form below to start the process of ordering a memory cushion. I respond fast, keep an eye on your mailbox & its spam folder. Do not want to miss my email? Fill in your phone number and I will alert you once I have emailed you. I will provide you with the guidelines how to select and post the clothes to me.

The cushions are delivered with an inside cushion and ready to be propped where everyone can see them.​ 

There is no waiting list and I will start working on your memory cushion as soon as the clothes arrive. Your memory cushion will be ready to be shipped back to you in 3 business days


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