My name is Laura and I hand-craft memory quilts from client's favourite clothes (kids or adult clothing). I am fascinated by fabrics, patterns & memories, inspired by nature & art, driven by creativity. 

I was using a sewing machine by the age of four. My grandfather was a professional tailor and his workshop was my playground. In my twenties I found myself helping fashion designers & fashion academy students in Antwerp, Belgium. Prototypes, collections, productions. People said I had golden hands and asked for my help. In recent years, upcycling came along as the answer to my effort to consume less and be more creative. I donated most of my kids clothes, but kept some. I took the most precious, special clothes & hid them away in a plastic bag in the attic. That seemed like such a shame... I made my first memory quilt and Blue Sky Bubble atelier was born.

For me, a typical memory or t-shirt quilt was not enough. I set out to create a crisp, modern, interesting quilt that would also be practical. I did not like the idea of applying stabilising sprays to preserve the clothes since I try to avoid using unnecessary chemicals. Instead, to make the clothes last as long as possible, I decided not to quilt through them. I added a calm background & bright highlights to accentuate the unique character of the clothing, while using the patterns in my quilts to showcase the clothes as a whole.
I aim to tell the story of a person through his or her clothes. At the same time, I create an item that will last & look beautiful after being carried around, cuddled with & washed. 



Laura was incredibly easy to work with and the process was very organized and straightforward. She made three quilts and a cushion out of baby clothes, which all turned out beautiful beyond my expectations. She is truly an artist, and one who very much understands the emotional connection we have with the memories in our baby clothes! During the process, I received photo updates, and at the end, the packaging and shipping was professional. It was a pleasure to work with Laura and the quilts, so full of memories, will be cherished for years to come!



Laura was amazing to work with. Even though we were on different sides of the world, the design process was a breeze. The final product is stunning and will be cherished for years to come! Thank you so much!



I have been looking forward to this quilt since I had John Mark. Many years of patience and waiting and it’s finally done! A runner for me made up of all my favorite baby clothes from each kid’s first year, and a unique pillow made up of the stuff that was especially meaningful to each of them. Woven through it is my maternity uniform and a sleep sack they all shared. It turned out amazing. Thank you, Laura, for your talent and willingness to put up with my indecisiveness!

Working with Laura of has been a pleasure! She's incredibly talented and has such a great eye for composition, and really created quilts that are representative of both my kids, that I know they will love. I couldn't be happier with the final results of these memory quilts, and I can't wait to see my kids playing and cuddling with these blankets, turning what would have been yellowing, moth-infested boxed baby clothes into beautiful, useful, meaningful art.
I remember each and every little outfit, and I know I'll use these blankets as reasons to tell them stories about what we did while they were wearing these, or about the loved ones who got them the clothing. I'm an eternal pack-rat, insanely attached to anything my kids have ever touched, but even I had to recognize it was worth the wait (Laura is that good, so there's a waiting list) and the expense to have these made.
If you don't know what you want for mother's day: well, now you know!


The Netherlands