about me

My name is Laura and I handcraft memory quilts from client's favorite clothes. I am fascinated by fabrics, patterns & memories, inspired by nature & art, driven by creativity. 

I was using a sewing machine by the age of four. My grandfather was a professional tailor and his workshop was my playground.


In my twenties I found myself helping fashion designers & fashion academy students in Antwerp, Belgium. Prototypes, collections, productions. People said I had golden hands and asked for my help.


In recent years, upcycling came along as the answer to my effort to consume less and be more creative.

my promise

I help to declutter your closet and mind by clearing out the old and making room for the new. Trusting me to create a keepsake from your clothes is more than ordering a keepsake. It is a way of letting go. Clothes will not be clothes any more but fragments, colors, textures, tiny details that trigger a feeling, an emotion, a memory. Clothes will join your daily life in a different form, but the emotions hidden in them will linger. Take your time: you need to be ready to let go, transform & move on. This is not an instant gratification project nor an impulse buy.

My keepsakes celebrate motherhood and the miracle of babies. And then there are those that mourn the loss of a loved one and help heal. Both bring meaning to my clients: these keepsakes mark a significant era in one's life.


I create each item with my full attention to the person & their story. I focus on & enjoy the excellence of the craft. Once a client remarked:"your finished product is exquisite." This mantra now echoes in my ears every time a needle punctures fabric and it is my promise to you.

the atelier

I donated most of my kids clothes, but kept some. I took the most precious, special clothes & hid them away in a plastic bag in the attic. That seemed like such a shame... I made my first memory quilt and Blue Sky Bubble atelier was born in 2014. 


Fast forward to today and nearly 200 memory quilts, memory cushions and framed mini's were born in Blue Sky Bubble atelier and have traveled to the clients all over the world.

my keepsakes 

For me, a typical memory or t-shirt quilt was not enough. I set out to create a crisp, modern, interesting quilt that would also be practical. I did not like the idea of applying stabilizing sprays to preserve the clothes since I try to avoid using unnecessary chemicals. Instead, to make the clothes last as long as possible, I decided not to quilt through them. I added a calm background & bright highlights to accentuate the unique character of the clothing, while using the patterns in my quilts to showcase the clothes as a whole.

Memory cushions came along as the adorable little quilt's siblings. It was important for me to maintain the crisp, modern feel and perfect the color play as well as the construction.


Framed mini memory quilts are my old passion. As a child I used to create fabric paintings and it felt like a perfect addition to my keepsakes family.


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