(no waiting list for memory cushions & fabric paintings: ready to ship within 1-3 business days)

Send me a message using the contact form below to start the process of ordering a memory quilt. I respond fast, keep an eye on your mailbox & its spam folder. Do not want to miss my email? Fill in your phone number and I will alert you once I have emailed you.

I will set up a date to talk in person or via Skype. We will use the time to go through all the clothing items you have selected and discuss what you want to keep in the quilt, colours & patterns. I will provide you with the payment information once the intake is finished and we know what we will be making. 

Intake is an extremely important part of my creative process. I do not leave anything to a chance. I do not aim to surprise you. I want you to know exactly what you will be receiving. That is why I need to get the feeling of your personality, understand your expectations and sense what is beautiful for you. Once that is done I will have the key to creating a keepsake that will be a playful translation of your memories.

There is a long waiting list and an intake booking fee. It is a non refundable fee in case of a cancellation. It comes on top of the quilt price and price of any extra's.



I expect the payment to be made within 2 weeks after the intake took place.


It will take 8 to 12 months after the intake to make your memory quilt. I will make it by hand from your clothes & new fabric (cotton). I use new fabric for the the reverse side of the memory quilt, binding, background, highlights & letters. You choose the colours and I will advise you every step of the way. Will send you the "making of" pictures as I work. It will be fun! I will post your memory quilt by a registered parcel with an online tracking.


KID size memory quilt 35 x 55" / 90 cm x 140 cm 

This size memory quilt is great to cover toddler's bed, to use as a play mat & cuddle with. It is an ideal size to take along & wrap the toddler e.g. for a doctor's visit. It works perfectly as an adult size bed decoration item as well - just fold it in half and place it at the foot end of the bed.

COSY size memory quilt 45 x 59" / 115 cm x 150 cm 

This size memory quilt serves both worlds very  well - kids and adults. It is ideal for cuddling up on the couch, as a decoration for a bed, to be thrown over your favourite armchair, you name it. Not too large for a little kid to handle and not too small for an adult to get cosy. Perfect.

BIG size memory quilt 55 x 79" / 140 cm x 200 cm 
This size memory quilt covers a single bed & is perfect to be used as a one person's blanket. Use it as a bed cover, keep it on the couch, extra blanket for your child or yourself. Endless ways to love these clothes longer.
BED RUNNER size 24 x 98" / 60 cm x 250 cm
BED RUNNER XL size 36 x 98" / 90 cm x 250 cm
This is a show piece that is placed on the foot end of the bed and is perfect for a double (or larger) bed. It covers approximately one third of the length of the bed and hangs over on both sides. All the clothes are displayed and not covered by pillows, not disappearing in folds on the corners of the bed. When it is time to go to bed you simply roll it off so it stays unwrinkled. When you want to lie on your bed during the day - same thing, the quilt is not being that intensely used like a full bed cover would be and will stay in a perfect condition. Smaller size costs the same as COSY memory quilt and the larger one - the same as BIG size quilt.
INTAKE is where we meet, in person or via Skype. Intake booking fee is a non refundable fee in case of a cancellation. It comes on top of the memory quilt price and price of any extra's. It costs €30 to book a single memory quilt intake. Intake for two or more memory quilts costs €50.